"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food."


Hepatitis Comprehensive Medical Food Protocol

A Group of Three Synergistic Medical Food Products for the dietary management of Hepatitis C

For the dietary management of Hepatitis C and its specific clinical manifestations, including the progression of hepatic fibrosis or cirrhosis.

Hepatitis C is a chronic viral liver infection that afflicts millions of people worldwide. Some patients who have Hepatitis C live out their lives in relatively good health and their Hepatitis C infections never become an issue. Other patients have a less favorable course of the disease, with more severe manifestations and less favorable outcomes, including liver failure, cirrhosis and liver transplant.

Often, the conventional medical Standard-of-Care (Interferon/Ribavirin) therapy does not work for Hepatitis C patients, and those patients are left to an uncertain future. For the first time, a science-based dietary maintenance program has been designed to ameliorate the symptoms and manifestations of Hepatitis C (CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS OF HEPATITIS C page) infections, and to help those treatment-naive, non-responder, and relapsed patients avoid the negative consequences of a lifetime of unmanaged symptoms.

Hepatitis C is a disease that is characterized by certain metabolic imbalances which may cause damage if left unmanaged. However, if properly managed, the clinical manifestations of the disease, as well as the overall course of the disease may be successfully ameliorated and improved.

Hepatitis C patients have a much higher requirement for certain nutrients due to metabolic changes caused by the Hepatitis C infection. The HepTech Medical Food Protocol is designed to provide those specific nutrients at the precise levels that a Hepatitis C patient needs. These distinct nutrients are required to maintain a balance and keep the progression of the Hepatitis C infection under control. All 38 nutrients in the HepTech Comprehensive Medical Food Protocol are classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) by the FDA.

Additionally, unmanaged clinical manifestations of Hepatitis C may combine to trigger the generation of fibrosis or cirrhosis (click here to learn about fibrosis) in the liver. The HepTech Medical Food Protocol is designed to manage the triggers of fibrosis/cirrhosis generation in the liver. These trigger mechanisms are much better understood now than ever before due to the latest scientific studies of fibrogenesis and its metabolic triggers and activators.

The HepTech Comprehensive Medical Food protocol is formulated to fulfill distinctive nutritional requirements of Hepatitis C patients. These nutrients are necessary to ameliorate clinical manifestations caused by Hepatitis C. The HepTech Medical Food protocol is intended to be an integral part of the clinical management of Hepatitis C and is designed to positively affect patient outcomes, including fibrosis staging.