"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food."

About Us

In 2004 Todd Schneider was in deep trouble. Co-infected with both Hepatitis B and C, he was suffering from advanced liver Cirrhosis (fibrosis stage 4), on the transplant list, and undergoing a hepatic "flare" of the immune system. Todd's condition was established by a transjugular biopsy and a Fibroscan, performed by Todd's esteemed physician Dr. Lorne Tyrrell, MD, then Dean of Medicine at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, AB. Canada. (See Founder's Story)

That was the beginning of a remarkable journey that brought together some of the brightest medical minds in the world, from both the clinical and the research sides of Medicine. (See our Medical Research Team) Members of our Medical Advisory Team include world-class top-liver specialists who have published many important peer-reviewed clinical studies, including papers about HCV pathogenesis, induction of oxidative stress, and a soon-to-be published study on the HepTech protocol. (See Research)

Our researchers relied on up-to-date research posts from the last ten years of AASLD meetings (American Association For The Study Of Liver Disease), published studies conducted by members of our Medical Advisory Team, and other advanced research detailing the emerging sciences of fibrogenesis and HCV virology. This cutting-edge knowledge database helped our research team develop a Medical Food strategy to help reduce the collagen load in Todd's liver based on the current accepted science. At present, Todd is back to a state of health and vitality, although still co-infected with both viruses.

HepTech, the company behind the protocol, is dedicated to the ideal that it is important to develop effective natural therapeutic protocols. Further, we believe that these protocols should be validated through rigorous science using independent third-party human clinical trials at fully-accredited medical research facilities. HepTech is currently planning phase II human clinical trials at such a facility. HepTech also anticipates developing new Medical Food products in the near future.

HepTech is dedicated to fastidious manufacturing techniques at FDA inspected GMP facilities, as well as sourcing of the highest and most consistent quality ingredients.