"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food."

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of taking these products?

Broad protective effects on liver health, protection from oxidative stress and inflammation and its negative consequences (e.g.) Fibrosis/Cirrhosis formation) in the liver, but also in many other critical organ systems. Also restoration of free-radical damaged interior and exterior phospholipid cell membranes. HepTech is a comprehensive protocol that also targets by down-regulation, the triggers of scar tissue formation (fibrosis/cirrhosis) in the liver - NFkappaB activation.

How do I start taking my supplements?

Each person responds differently to taking a new natural supplement. Most people will have no problems with starting this supplement combination at the recommended doses. However, some people may be more sensitive and benefit by starting at a lower dose and increasing slowly, allowing the body more time to adapt and adjust to the protocol's beneficial effects.



How long should I expect to have to take this product before I start to notice an effect?

Every little bit will add up to help you start feeling better as you pair diet and exercise with the nutraceutical liver support system. By the end of the first month many patients will notice a difference, feel better, and be able to do more. And, many patients feel an immediate increase in energy due to the protective effect of the HepTech nutrients.

Are there any side effects to taking this product?

All of the ingredients in the HepTech Comprehensive protocol are GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) by the FDA. Many of the nutrients are endogenous substances the body manufactures on its own. Therefore, there have been few adverse events reported. Any adverse events should be reported immediately to your physician, who will notify us.

Will I be able to take this product forever?

Since all ingredients used are safe and without major side effects, there is no time limit on its use and usefulness for an individual.

Why are the products priced as they are?

The HepTech protocol contains 38 different GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) nutrients that have been shown in studies to favorably influence the pathogenic process of hepatitis. They have been formulated to deliver therapeutic doses as revealed by credible scientific studies. If a patient were to try to purchase the same formula individually on the market it would cost well over twice the HepTech price, and the independent sourcing may also result in less than optimal quality of material.

Why should I use your product and not another product?

HepTech is a unique protocol whose mode of action is based on the latest science of Hepatitis pathology, and fibrosis generation. We know of no other protocol that duplicates the strategy that HepTech is based on.

Are there any other benefits to taking this product?

A variety of health protective benefits can be realistically expected, since the antiinflammatory and cooperative antioxidant protection effects are not limited to the liver. Thus, for example, protective effects on renal, cardiovascular and neurological function will manifest themselves over time, as well as a general increase in mental and physical energy levels or overall well being.

Are your products a cure for Hepatitis C?

No, HepTech is not a cure for hepatitis. It will not eliminate the virus. However, it will ameliorate the symptoms of hepatitis and effectively manage the triggers of fibrosis generation. The HepTech protocol may also increase feelings of well-being and energy.

May I purchase the products directly?

No, HepTech is a Medical Food and must be administered by a physician. To find a physician provider in your area please use the Google Map Physician finder (click) on our home page, or call our toll free number for assistance in finding a participating physician.

How do I know if I am making progress?

Besides feelings of well-being, which are subjective, there are two methods to measure liver fibrosis/cirrhosis. In Canada and Europe a non-invasive technique is available using a FibroScan (http://www.echosens.com/) machine, which sends a sonic pulse into the liver and measure the reflective time. This reading correlates with liver stiffness and fibrosis staging. However, in the US the Fibroscan machine is not yet approved by the FDA.

For patients in Canada and Europe we recommend that a beginning Fibroscan test be done initially followed by periodic follow-ups to track progress.

In the US, biopsies remain the "gold standard" of fibrosis staging, but, unfortunately, it is recommended that biopsies only be performed every 3-5 years.