"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food."

Todd's Story

For years we have all heard many so-called success stories of people using alternative treatments. We have spent years attempting to track down these so-called proven therapies, but to no avail. Today we are still committed to authenticating and validating Alternative Research! If you want to post your success stories on our website, or have Hepatitis Technologies review your success story, you must provide us with current blood tests and a Doctor's Letter confirming the status of your disease. Currently, Todd Schneider, the inspiration for Hepatitis Technologies, is our greatest testimony. He has posted his most recent labs results, along with some of the highlights of his journey back to health. Please take the time to also review his picture storyboard and see the toll hepatitis took on his body. Then, compare them with how he looked after adhering to Hepatitis Technologies Management System.(Listen to his full story on our Pod Cast telecast.)

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This is the amazing true life story of HepTech's founder Todd C. Schneider. To hear the details of this real life journey click below to listen to the full podcast.

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1986 North Shore Argos

1986 North Shore Argos (football pics) Still unknowingly co-infected with HBV since 1966 (over 20 years), and HCV since the early 1980's.


Spring 1987 North Shore Argos

Todd playing left side corner-back 185 pounds. Great Shape. Still unknowingly co-infected.


Bahama's 1996

Todd in the Bahama's 1996 (in great health at 185lb's) still unknowingly co-infected with HBV and HCV.


Gold's Gym Venice Beach California (1997)

Todd in the Bahama's 1996 (in great health at 185lb's) still unknowingly co-infected with HBV and HCV.


New York in November of 1998

Todd with his beautiful wife (Laurie) in New York in November of 1998 NOTE: This is approximately 6 months after my Hepatologist officially informed me that I had chronic liver disease due to Chronic active HBV and HCV, and told me to stop all nutraceutical support. Shortly after removing all nutraceutical based support systems I was starting to feel weak and experiencing constant liver pain.


February 11/1999

Todd with his wife (February 11/1999) after 2 years without any Nutraceutical support systems in place. I was feeling weaker by the day, losing weight, experiencing constant liver pain, was no longer able to workout with any intensity, and was now desperate enough to try Interferon for the first time in May of 1999.


5 months after being diagnosed with toxic hepatitis - February 2000

Sixteen months before being diagnosed with advanced cirrhosis via two Transjugular Liver Biopsies

Todd (with wife and 4 month old daughter Kayla) on February 27/2000 5 months after being diagnosed with Toxic Hepatitis caused by Septra Poisoning , and 7 month after failing interferon therapy. Now re-infected and at an all time low for weight (132lbs), with no energy and total loss of well being. At no point in my life can I ever remember being this sick and weak. PLEASE refer to long play pod cast for the complete story.

View the Cirrhosis Report here


Aug 2/03 in LA

Aug 2/03 (Todd and Laurie), in LA, Ca Todd now has 50% of his current Nutraceutical support system back in place and is once again working out, gaining weight, enjoying great energy levels and feeling strong with his sense of well being fully returned. By now Todd is seriously contemplating trying Interferon once more. To hear the rest of this amazing story please listen to our full length pod cast storymercial.


Christmas 2006

Todd with his beautiful family after failing interferon after 3 times. This picture was taken 6 months after starting his current liver support system protocol. As you can see by this picture he has continued to gain ground every day after this point.


Currently Todd's in great shape!

Todd is currently in great shape, full of energy and enjoys an amazing quality of life, considering that at one pint he was officially diagnosed with stage four liver Cirrhosis (see lab results), which has been fully reversed.

Todd Schneider majored in Music and Minored in PysEd, and is CPT/ACE Fitness Technician, he and his team are available for Accelerated Weight Loss and Life Coaching seminars. Guest appearances and high energy personal coaching can be arranged through this website. For a detailed schedule of our up coming Health and Wellness events click on seminars, on this website.

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