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For the dietary management of cellular inflammation caused by Hepatitis C.

Clinical manifestations of Hepatitis C: Hepatitis C causes increased cellular inflammation, often leading to an inflammatory cascade which helps to activate the gene transcription factor, NFkappaB. This, in turn, triggers the production of pro-inflammatory peptides, the activation of stellate cells, their conversion to myofibroblasts, and the secretion of scar tissue, which manifests as fibrosis/cirrhosis in the liver.

Fibroguard ameliorates hepatic inflammation, reduces levels of NFkappaB activation, and stabilizes the hepatic stellate system by decreasing levels of stellate cell activation and their conversion to fibrosis or cirrhosis-forming myofibroblasts in patients infected by Hepatitis C.

FibroGuard is a medical food consisting of a specific mixture of vitamins and botanical bioflavonoids and polyphenols from spice, plant, berry and seed extracts used to dietarily manage increased levels of cellular inflammation caused by Hepatitis C. These botanical polyphenols have been found to exhibit specific antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties due to the unique structure of many of the natural compounds, which both surround critical proteins in the body and regulate master control switches of antioxidant and inflammatory gene expression relevant to the fibrosis/cirrhosis forming stellate cells of the immune system.

The polyphenols in FibroGuard reduce inflammation by several mechanisms: by reducing the ROS 
trigger of NFkappaB activation due to their strong antioxidant capacities, stabilize the inactive precursor form of NFkappaB and dampen and modulate the broad cascade of inflammatory gene activations in the nucleus that is initiated by binding of NFkappaB to control elements of chromatin and gene expression.

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