Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

Who We Are

HepTech was born to meet the need of a patient, the founder. Most patients do not have the resources or the mental emotional resources to coordinate a research and development program to heal themselves, but Todd Schneider did.  And, it was because of that remarkable convergence of gifts, a challenges, and desire, that HepTech was born. Because of the research base from which this company grew, it was decided that these products should be offered as a medical food.  The research proved they were effective, and as a result, the regulatory authorities have allowed the accurately reflected health claims in the marketing and education about this product. We pride ourselves in meeting the needs of the healthcare practitioner community to provide an effective remedy for a difficult/damaging medical condition.

Our Vision & Mission

The HepTech team is committed to searching, finding, developing, and providing effective products for doctors and their patients.  We are a company populated by doctors, and we know the demands that patients have for high quality and effective support for their disease conditions. As new research proves efficacy, our products will change and our product line will grow.  Hopefully, someday human suffering will be solved, but until then we will do our part to bring that day closer.

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